The Alim Course is a course tailored for the preservation of Islamic legacy, value and practice.

The course's vision is to produce scholars who are able to guide and lead the future.

The course is conducted in classroom environment with practical application in school premises.

Students are boarded in with a current enrollment (2020) of approximately 100 Alim students.

Admission Requirement (for both local and international students)

1. Ideal starting age: between 16 and 19

2. Only full time student can enroll

3. Passed the interview session

Duration of studies

1. The complete program is 7 years (3+4)

2. The academic session is annual. (January till December)

3. Classes are Monday-Saturday (Approx. 34 contact hours/week)

Breakdown of an annual session

- Every annual session contains 42 weeks school.

- 36 weeks of classes (1 hour of these classes per week = 1 credit)

- 6 weeks of revision and assessment.

Medium of instruction

1. English is the medium of instruction to facilitate both local and international students simultaneously.

2. Text books are more than 90% Arabic.

Course structure  

1. The course is of two parts; academic and practical.

2. Academic activities are conducted in classes.

3. Practical activities include life skills (khidmat) and weekly presentations (anjuman).

Academic Curriculum 

1. No core and electives in academic activities; all subjects are compulsory.

2. Passing the final exam is required to be promoted to the next level.

3. The passing marks are between 50% and 70% according to levels.

Two levels of the Alim Course 

1. Foundation in Arabic and Islamic Studies (3 years) 

2. Ijazah in Islamic Studies (4 years)