Registration Fee                      

RM   650/= (For new application only)


Annual Fee                              

RM 6,000/=

(Can be paid in 12 x monthly installment of RM500)

Please note:

  1. The annual fee covers tuition, food and boarding.
  2. If the annual fee is paid in monthly installment, please remember to pay even in long holiday like the Ramadhan break.
  3. The RM 500 is due on the first day of every month. However, it is highly appreciated that the annual fee be settled before November.
  4. Foreign students are required to pay 6 months study fee in advance.


Visa (for foreign student)      

  1. RM 2,000/= for first visa application. The immigration usually gives 6 months visa for first visa application.
  2. RM    300/= for extension. The immigration usually gives 1 year visa for each extension.


Medical Expenses

  1. RM 100/= for medical expenses of the student through out the year.
  2. Claimable if not used.


Text books                            

Prices for text books differ from one class to another.



Contribution in forms of zakat and optional charity are welcome.

Due to circumstances, some students may not be able to afford the fees. 

The zakat is for the deserving students who cannot afford the Madrasah fees.

If any parents cannot afford the fees, or any part thereof, please inform the principal.



Parents and stakeholders are encouraged to contribute to the welfare of the Madrasah.

We appeal to one and all to pray for us and assist us in this noble work of uplifting the Word of Allah.

In the past, many have assisted with donation in cash and kind.

We trust that you too will continue to do so in the future.